Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Using Microscopes

Microdentistry is the practice of minimally invasive #dentistry using #microscopes to magnify the operative field. It enables
better #visualization which in turn makes the treatment more precise and less invasive. It also helps preserve #oral tissues and
#dental structures from damage during diagnosis, #caries removal, and #cavity preparation. For the dentist, the advantages of#microdentistry are many: reduced stress, better control of the operatory field, less fatigue, better ergonomics, and enhanced
The result is a high level of #dental #excellence in treatment. #Microscope#enhanced dentistry can make a great
difference to dental practice and it is now much in vogue among dentists who strive for perfection in their practice. This is
because it vastly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the various procedures.
Regards ; Dr.Rajat