Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sinus Grafting

Glorious day at work with back to back #Implantsurgeries , Patient came from #Bihar for #dentalimplants treatment ,went back home with a big smile.#Discover the power of your new #smile with us ..

As one of the pioneers in #dentaltreatment, Dr.Rajat & Associates Dental Center has constantly learn new technique, invest in modern equipment that help us to maintain the international standard dental practice.

Our dental center has similar structure to a dental hospital with full range dental facilities as follows:

16 Dental #Implant systems
#Centrifugal Machines
#Melag world class autoclave.
#nomadpro2 Portable Xray Units
Imaging diagnosis department 
Implantology and oral surgery department
#Cosmetic department with #CAD/CAM technique
#Orthodontics department
TMJ & snoring treatment department
General Dentistry and Pediatric dentistry department
Infection control department by #FDA standard.
Dental lab department with #DSM technology.
Our modern building is located at the center #Delhi City in 2000 square feet area, has 4 dental chairs and sophisticated equipment set up to serve our clients worldwide.