Monday, October 2, 2017

Testimonial for master Clinical Implants training 66th Batch | Nobel Bio...

Advanced Implant Program .Live Surgeries.Unparalleled Experience.

Treatment on your own patient.
Implant Demographics – The Need is Everywhere
Profit and Implants in your Practice
Treatment Planning for the Implant Patient
Anatomical Basis for Implant Selection and Positioning
Strategies From the Single Tooth to the Whole Mouth
Selection of Implants and Positioning for Esthetics
Removable Prostheses – Implant Supported
Impression Techniques
Cement Retained Prostheses
Cementation Techniques
Cement Retrievability
Implant Occlusion
Marketing Your Implant Practice for Profit.

Live Surgery by Doctors (Live Surgery on own patient, Assist in surgical procedure with colleague, Participate in case discussions, Experience multiple days of LIVE Surgery)
Review of 16 Implant Systems
Allographs-Materials, Techniques and Indications
Autografts-Chin and Ramus, Techniques and Indications
Common Bone Defects Treated with Autografts
Posterior Maxilla Treatment Consideration-Sinus Lift.