Tuesday, March 20, 2018

admetec Dental Loupes – Magnification in Dentistry | Dental Technology i...

very happy to have #Admetecloupes #TTL #Resolution #3.2x #Sphericalaberration

#Loupes & #light are a fantastic investment for your career and health and those who use them regularly will assure you that once you’ve got them you definitely won’t be able to work without them!

There are two types of set up of the lenses that you can get: through-the-lens or flip up loupes. Through-the-lens are generally considered to have more advantages because they are fully customised, have a wider field of view as they are closer to your eye, they weigh less and have an optimal set up.

The recommended magnification for a novice is 2.5-3.2 This is a great magnification for
#generaldentistry and many #dentists will not go any higher than this for their practising careers. The higher the magnification, the narrower your field and depth of view. Choosing a very high magnification to start off with is what often causes dentists to reject #loupes. So start off with a lower magnification and larger field of view.

When considering the quality of the lens, you need to look at 3 properties: (a) Resolution - how well you can distinguish fine detail, (b) Chromatic aberration - looking at the change in colour when looking through the lens, (c) Spherical aberration - checking for any distortions or shape changes when using the lens. The most practical way of assessing all of these is by looking at a flat ruler through the loupes – check to see how well you can distinguish the fine lines, look at the colour and also check the lines appear straight!