Monday, April 16, 2018

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Periodontal Services in Delhi. 

A beautiful smile begins with strong and healthy #gums, which protect tooth roots and the jawbone from infection. It is Dr. Rajat Sachdeva’s mission to protect gum tissue from infection, preventing permanent damage, or restoring gums and teeth after eliminating bacteria. Our Dental practice offers a range of comprehensive procedures to care for your gums and teeth. We accept referrals and collaborate with general dentists to ensure our patients obtain full oral health.

Some of our treatments include: 
• Periodontal Treatments
• Laser Treatments with Waterlase® 
• Dental Sedation 
• Dental Implant Placement
• Crown Lengthening
• Bone Grafting

We begin treatment with a thorough examination, where we take time to connect with patients and discuss their dental history. Our kind staff is warm and welcoming but provides effective treatment so your day is not interrupted. We offer you the same respect and care we reserve for our own families, paying individual attention to address your needs and listen to your concerns.

With all our procedures, we emphasize safety and cleanliness that supports a positive periodontal experience. It is our mission to deliver comfortable dental care in a pleasant environment, giving every patient their best opportunity to achieve lifelong oral health.

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